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Folding Attic Stairs

Cut Out For a Folding Attic Stairs

Cutting the Hatch

The opening for a Folding Attic Stairs is significantly larger than a standard attic entry hatch.

This is a typical entry hatch cut by Attic Stairs Solutions before installing a new attic stairs.

A Closed Attic Entry Hatch After InstallationCompleted Attic Hatch

The entry hatch for your new stairs as it looks in the closed position.

Note the clean white finish of the hatch door and how well it blends with the ceiling.

Not only does the door look great when it’s finished – but it is thermally insulated and sealed.

This means energy savings and provides a barrier to the flow of oxygen in the event of a fire.

Stira is a Quality Product

Folding Attic Stairs Viewed From AboveViewed From Above

A new Folding Attic Stairs as viewed from above.

The Stairs As It Is UnfoldedUnfolding the Stairs

It couldn’t be easier.

Here is a picture of the pulled down attic stairs before it’s fully unfolded.

The Stairs Unfolded and Ready to Use

A brand new folding attic stairs as installed by Attic Stairs Solutions

Note the Red Safety Handrail on the side.

(See how easy it is to open and close the stairs)

Attic Stairs Unfolded

Attic Flooring

Attic Before Flooring

Attic Before Floor Installation

Make The Most Of All That Unused Attic Space 

These house owners had lots of unutilised space in their attic.

‘We kept the Christmas decorations in our attic but dreaded the annual hassle of taking them up and down every year. Climbing a step ladder and balancing on joists with boxes in our hands was a nightmare – not to mind dangerous. Installing a properly fitted folding attic stairs and attic flooring has killed a few birds with one stone. Now we have lots of extra storage space, easy access to the attic which we now use regularly, and getting the Christmas decorations is a breeze. As well as the convenience – it’s safe. We should have done it years ago’

E McC, Blarney 

Attic Flloring by Attic Stairs Solutions

Attic Floor Installed By Attic Stairs Solutions

Utilise the extra space in your attic with the safety and convenience of professionally installed attic flooring

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